Over the past 10 years, Smile Footwear (HK) Ltd has built up a proven production base in China. This base is spread over the main production regions in China covering all categories of footwear.
In order to become a Smile Supplier, a vigorous audit and due diligence is carried out. Smile categorises its suppliers as follows.

  • Approved supplier.
  • Preferred Supplier.
  • Strategic Supplier.

Smile has numerous suppliers all working towards becoming a strategic supplier to Smile. We currently have 5 strategic suppliers, 7 preferred suppliers and 5 Approved Suppliers covering a total of 22 factories.

Some of the suppliers owning more than one production facility.

Smile plays an active role in finance and production planning. In some cases Smile has made access to its OMS (Order Management System) available to its strategic suppliers and has incorporated modules that they are able to access to assist them with production of the Smile orders.

Bottom Line